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Welcome to Crestech, Your Trusted Partner for Software Quality Assurance Testing Services

Since 2005, Crestech has been setting standards for quality assurance. We know you’ve got great products in mind, and we love making them possible. That’s why we break your developers’ hearts. You may not love us for what we find, but you will surely love us for what we do.

As a quality assurance software testing company, you can rest assured that your software products will meet and exceed industry standards for quality. We are committed to delivering error-free, reliable, and high-performing products that delight your user experience and enhance your business reputation.

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Our journey so far

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After putting ourselves to the test, we broke the status quo and emerged with a new identity: a revamped brand, revised processes, and offerings revved up with the latest in testing technology.


Here’s to a brand new Crestech!

Bengaluru and Gurugram, here we come!


In 2017, we started operations in Bengaluru and Gurugram, the two biggest hotspots for tech in India.

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Call us trendsetters.
In 2014, Crestech was the first L3 services company to become CMMI SVC compliant. Even today, we continue to hold ourselves to the highest standards of quality.


Leading the way as the first CMMI SVC L3 Company

Crestech goes global!


We have been expanding at warp speed. In 2013, we set up camp at Dublin, California and started our US operations.

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Crestech joins an exclusive club
We were ranked among the fastest growing technology companies in India based on our astounding growth.


Among Deloitte’s Fast 50 companies of India

We hit our first century

Our family grew to a close-knit 100, who shared everything from smiles to frowns to guilty cake-eating from the office pantry.

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Within just three years, we earned the trust of the world’s leading enterprise technology provider, and established ourselves as a reliable authority on testing services.

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Our first Fortune 500 client

Our office - the first of many firsts.


A young, fresh and growing Crestech took its earliest baby steps by opening its first corporate office at Noida. From then on, it was full speed ahead!


A note from our leadership

Pankaj Goel

Co-Founder & CEO

“We do any services that a testing services firm should do. The difference is in our intent to make the applications usable. Businesses invest in testing out of the fear of something going wrong with their applications. We work with them to transform that fear into the assurance of positive user experience. So far we have done this for 400+ customers. And we look forward to working with you.

I am Pankaj, your friend and partner in making your great products possible.”

Avinash Tiwari

VP - Technology

“Finding defects is our job. This is motivation enough to find innovative ways of doing the job. Every service is backed by our methodologies which are built and have evolved over years of experience, since our inception in 2005.
Be it your customer-facing application, or your employee-facing applications, we treat them the same and believe that both need the right perception to be tested.

Web, mobile, API are just interfaces to us, we know how end-users work on them and have the right tools to validate applications on any of them.

I am Avinash, ensuring that technology is used to solve your problems at Crestech.”

Lalit Jain

Co-Founder & Director

“Our people are passionate testers and do not care about the internals of the applications while they are breaking them. We respect and encourage them.

We love the application experience that’s why we break the developer’s hearts. You may not love us for what we find, but you surely will love us for what we do.

And yes, we have lived by software testing only, we do not know anything else and we do not intend to know anything else.

I am Lalit, my responsibility is to make your experience with us as pleasurable as possible.”

Sandeep Ahuja

VP Delivery & Strategic Initiatives

“We act as a mirror for product quality. We reflect the current product, and that may not be the reflection you expected to see. Our processes are easy to understand, and convenient enough to be followed. While breaking the applications, our own processes do not stop us. We have been doing this when you were on the Waterfall, and we are doing this when you are on DevOps too.

The location of testing doesn’t matter to us. We have secure infrastructure available, and we are happy to serve global customers.

My name is Sandeep, ensuring that you get the highest quality of testing consistently.”

Meet some of our heavyweights!

  • Vinod Kumar SinghChampion of QA. 25+ years in IT. Digs software compliance

    Dancing Machine
    Social Animal
  • Rajeev SharmaTech practices warrior. Superstar of process for pre-sales and delivery teams

    Indian Idol
  • Parveen Khattar'Win-win' wizard. Thrives under pressure. Forever finding potential for team growth

    Wine Connoisseur
    Samosa Lover
  • Preetam RajputFinancial efficiency mastermind. Superpowers include utilizing resources to the max

    Amatuer Chef
    Social Animal
  • Vijay KhawarePassionate crusader of IT · Over 18 versatile years of championing technology

    World Traveler
    Movie Buff

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