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Providing certainty for rapid application scalability


Providing certainty for rapid application scalability

Application performance is paramount for boosting business and increasing brand reputation. Our Load Testing experts focus on guaranteeing the scalability of an application by measuring its speed, reliability, and consistency.

  • Enterprise-wide digital transformations (DX) through performance engineering
  • Certification and Capacity planning with end-to-end performance testing
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Fulfilling 3B's of load testing service

  • Baseline Testing

    We compare the previous vs new performance results of the software to ensure it doesn't degrade with new updates over time

  • Benchmark Testing

    We practically establish high quality metrics of an application to meet user experience, business needs and industry standard SLAs

  • Bottleneck Identification

    We uncover inefficient aspects of an application that limits performance and determine steps to bring the desired performance levels.

We compare the previous vs new performance results of the software to ensure it doesn't degrade with new updates over time

We practically establish high quality metrics of an application to meet user experience, business needs and industry standard SLAs

We uncover inefficient aspects of an application that limits performance and determine steps to bring the desired performance levels.

We test applications that run on different platforms

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Performance validation with systematic approach

As a trusted load testing company, we simplify the overhead of scaling applications and user adoption across multiple devices by providing insights to optimize performance pitfalls. We do this by assessing current performances such as load, capacity, and speed with standard SLAs to mitigate the business risks.

Using parameters such as Memory usage, Successful Hits, Throughput, and Page load, we analyze the response time with respect to how many service requests have been handled by the application. Normal load vs peak load is measured and compared for optimization.

How we do

Performance testing life cycle

  • Requirement Analysis

    Identify and finalize KPIs and acceptance criteria

  • Strategic Planning

    Scope performance test plan and test click paths

  • Implementation Review

    Setup test environment and develop performance scripts

  • Test Design

    Workload modeling, simulate behavior and setup test data

  • Test Execution

    Run sanity tests, establish a capacity point, and monitor data

  • Analysis & Report

    Identify bottlenecks, summarize KPIs with action plans

  • Tuning & Revalidation

    Comparative analysis to measure the performance tuning


Our performance testing services

We evaluate the software by applying lists of risks, threats and weaknesses and adopt a process for review, including code for optimum performance of the software.

Perform load testing by varying the load, evaluating response times, throughput and system resource utilization and estimating the hardware capacity to support future workloads.

Identifying the root cause for poor performance and 'Tuning' systems to meet SLA's which aim to optimize the performance of various layers in application technology.

Periodic reviews to measure the impact of performance tuning and analyze data to identify further bottlenecks are conducted.

Our load testing team is involved in the process of evaluating acceptance criteria from end user perspective to ensure the system is fast, reliable and consistent.

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Expertise in testing tools

A strategic plan executed with the right set of tools plays a major role in marking the success of performance tests. Here is a list of tools we use for performance testing.

The list is not limited to the above set of tools since our test experts are always eager to explore tools available in the market that is best suited for performance testing of the application.

Accelerators: Speed Up
  • Standard Toolkit and Best Practice implemented
  • Shared Resource Pool
  • Re-usable component
  • Continuous capability upgrade

Types of performance testing we cater

  • Load TestingLoad Testing
  • Stress TestingStress Testing
  • Endurance TestingEndurance Testing
  • Spike TestingSpike Testing
  • Volume TestingVolume Testing
  • Scalability TestingScalability Testing

When to get it done

Load testing service for better performance

Performance testing begins with a strategic plan and an experienced team. Our test experts will evaluate your application and software for actual and potential performance pitfalls, mitigate the business risks and give you the confidence to market your application and software.

  • 01

    To ensure performance consistency across user loads, networks and hours of usage

  • 02

    To ensure speed and scalability with current infrastructure prior to a new launch

  • 03

    When you want continuous assurance of performance, build on build

Why choose us

Service Differentiators for Performance testing.

Our performance test experts, with over a decade of experience can evaluate for actual or potential problems and give you the confidence to market your application or software.

  • We monitor every aspect, from testing tools to load testing infrastructure services to monitoring performances.
  • The bottleneck identification methodology and cloud-based test labs help in detecting issues at an early stage.
  • We are cost-effective and backed with various technology interfaces to find and resolve all issues faced.

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Our crisp execution helps customers achieve tangible impact.

11% Increase in conversion rate

11% Increase in conversion rate

Used streamlined QA processes that enabled an FMCG-based Food Ordering Application to achieve shorter 'time to market' cycles

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30% Reduction in performance testing cost

30% Reduction in performance testing cost

Offered multiple test offerings for a global professional service provider. Improve in performance testing cost and 100% compliance of applications against WCAG 2.0 level AA.

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100% Test coverage for Cab Service provider

100% Test coverage for Cab Service provider

Automated the testing suite for one of the largest cab services, to achieve faster execution time and reduced effort.

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Kalpesh Desai
Senior Director of Information, Technology at AON

"I want to thank and congratulate the team on a tremendous accomplishment! As a team, you have performed extremely well, for several months on a difficult project, but your perseverance and true dedication...

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Sunil Kathuria
Associate Vice President, DPLI

"Our engagement had its own share of challanges which were managed pretty well by the team without impacting the project timelines & quality. People from CresTech were leading from the front and some were working behind the scenes burning...

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Udit Raina
Senior Manager(Future Leader Program'18), COO Office, MLI

"We appreciate the way in which Crestech's team handled the responsibilities at the workplace. We appreciate the accountability shown by the team in testing the various critical modules of NEO 2.0 which directly impact our end...

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Sathish Balasundaram
Delivery Manager at FSI

"CresTech team is always positive and I can always count on this team due to their continuous commitment. CresTech has been focused and always responsive as required. Thank you for all your support and for bringing your best to work ...

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Anjan T
Vice President - Technology at XSEED Education

"Crestech has been a long-term testing partner for all our products built in the last 2 years. I appreciate how their functional team was patient at the beginning, with our chaotic and frenetic startup development cycles. They soon ...

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