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Enhance user experience with accessibility testing services

In our accessibility testing program, we follow a 3-step plan that includes conducting gap analysis while keeping WCAG compliance needs in mind, manoeuvring assistive technology to run automated as well as manual accessibility testing practices, and sharing VPATs and conformance statements upon completion of accessible deployments.

  • Build and deliver high-quality results apropos of global WCAG standards
  • Emblematize user experience across all digital properties via accessibility tools
  • Early-stage analysis, accessibility goal setting, and strategic planning to break down concerns
  • VPATs, QA verification, ACR and the necessary documentation to demonstrate accessibility conformance

Manifest 4 Principles of accessibility testing services

  • Perceivable

    Presentable information that can't be invisible to any of the user's senses

  • Operable

    User interface components and navigation make everything operable

  • Understandable

    Easy to comprehend the information as well as allow the use of the interface

  • Robust

    Reliably interpreted content while remaining accessible to all users

Presentable information that can't be invisible to any of the user's senses

User interface components and navigation make everything operable

Easy to comprehend the information as well as allow the use of the interface

Reliably interpreted content while remaining accessible to all users

We test applications that run for different platforms

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Leverage the power of accessibility testing service

As a leading accessibility testing company, we are empowered to provide unparalleled support scaling to meet your demands. The process revolves around agile manifesto values to make all digital technology accessible enabling equal opportunities, participation, and independence for people with disabilities in this digital world.

  • Understand the business conformance needs and build user-centered design
  • Work with a team of testers to provide guided agile remediation support
  • Dedicated testing spokesperson pulling the resources and advancing the program
  • Accomplish quick gains on conformance goals and document successes
How we do

Our 7-Point Accessibility Testing Approach

  • Discover

    Identify the need and address any accessibility barriers

  • Apprehend

    Recognize the environmental obligations and diversity

  • Reach

    Identify the scope and specify the necessary testing issues

  • Tools & Resources

    Identify the testing tools and resources as per the need

  • Execution

    Success criteria as per WCAG guidelines

  • Revalidation

    Evaluate the application again after a bug fix

  • Reporting & Review

    Document the identified issues and review the test results


Our Accessibility Testing Services

We start with understanding the business needs and creating the priority list while ensuring the time and cost to rebuild components prohibit any legal risk.

Our testers integrate expert-level audits and assessments to provide the depth and insights required for an ideal framework and significant conformance goals.

Our team of testers provides guidance and remediation support in all phases including code-level techniques prior to launch.

After building strategies, and tackling the highest-priority issues, reviews, and remediation, our team documents the results and runs a periodic review.

After identifying any sort of shortcomings in the application, complete accessibility testing is conducted as per the WCAG guidelines.

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Expertise in testing tools

Our extensive range of accessibility testing tools has a proven record of providing scalability and efficiency. Our accessibility testing tools focus on addressing and balancing the needs of users with different disabilities while matching these needs to optimal techniques.

  • Offer cost savings, scalability, quick responses and progressive reporting
  • Capture specific code-level violations paired with remediation techniques
  • Wave
  • Axe
  • ANDI
  • Tpgi

When to get it done

Accessibility Testing Service for Digital Excellence

Technology is changing our lives and it's time to change how we access it. Easy access should be provided to physically challenged people, such as vision impairment, hearing disabilities, and other physical or cognitive conditions.

It's necessary that innovations are delivered to people with special needs. Our accessibility testing expert ensures that your web and mobile apps are usable by as many people as possible.

  • 01

    By entailing special technologies that include screen magnification software, speech recognition software, screen readers, special keyboards, and more

  • 02

    While focussing on verifying usability, the application can be accessible by people with disabilities including visual, speech, cognitive, language, learning, neurological, etc.

  • 03

    By providing innovation, new opportunities, and accessibility to everyone

Why choose us

Why choose us

Service Differentiators for Accessibility Testing

Being the most trusted digital accessibility testing provider, our subject matter experts deliver high-quality results and ensure a seamless end-user experience.

  • Adhere to the latest WCAG guidelines, conduct a thorough analysis, recommend solutions, and carry out recommendations
  • Innovative testing approach ensuring the business's assets are in the good hands
  • Accessibility testing agency with social responsibility, to provide equal access and equal opportunity to people with disabilities.