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Regression testing for unification of the software

With top-notch regression testing services, our company is dedicated to delivering software changes and upgrades without blocking any of the major functionality. We ensure the testing approach can assess the new changes being deployed in the software and if they impact any other existing functionality.

  • Maintaining continuous CI/CD pipelines with the help of regression testing
  • Pairing with performance and sanity testing to ensure the software works as expected, even after change deployment
  • Facilitating code merges from a dummy environment and conducting regression tests to identify blocker issues

Four Pillars of regression testing approach

  • Automation

    We build automation suites for regression testing only to ensure the process can be sped up.

  • Repeatability

    Regression suites that can be performed repeatedly to identify bottlenecks in software PT post-change deployment.

  • Scalability

    The testing suites can be scaled to accommodate changes in testing conditions and expected results.

  • Faster Deployment

    Helps in deploying any code or data fix to the production environment without hampering the UX by any means.

We build automation suites for regression testing only to ensure the process can be sped up.

Regression suites that can be performed repeatedly to identify bottlenecks in software PT post-change deployment.

The testing suites can be scaled to accommodate changes in testing conditions and expected results.

Helps in deploying any code or data fix to the production environment without hampering the UX by any means.

We test applications that run for different platforms

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By minimizing overall turnaround time for fixing the defects

We have become the best regression testing service provider with a team of strong testers. They have an in-depth understanding of regression suites and proper knowledge of existing software functionalities. That's why validating the new testing results with the older workflows becomes much easier and smoother.

  • Working with developers to know the change to be deployed and designing testing suites for better synchronization.
  • Organizing regression testing in different environments along with sanity checks to check the performance and load-balancing strategies.
How we do

Our 7 Steps for Regression Testing Process

How we do

Leveraging regression testing for error-free delivery

Our functional and regression testing ensures no negative impact on the user experience once the codes are deployed to the production environment.

Our testing approaches for software regression testing are meant to ensure the changes being deployed are of the highest quality. We check if the software maintains its reliability from end to end and delivers consistent performance.

The functional testing and regression testing approach that we undertake is cost-effective. We ensure to design of the suites to have detailed information on changes and their impacts to cut down expenses.

Our team detects all the workflow and functional errors to ensure the software doesn't negatively impact the overall user experience.

Our strategic and functional Regression testing service will help the companies implement the top digital transformation processes. With the help of our secure and quality application, enterprises will notice an upsurge in business growth.

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Expertise in testing tools

Regression testing is a complex and time consuming and monotonous testing. For this we use latest tools for testing to deliver quality product and offer seamless user experience.

These tools produce the most accurate results for the testing suites and are scalable enough to allow our testers to make the changes on the go and automate the regression testing process.

  • Selenium
  • UFT
  • Appium
  • Testcomplete
  • Rainforest

When to get it done

Regression testing after every change deployment

When changes are deployed in software, these can impact other existing software functionalities. Regression testing is required to fix these software bugs and defects.

We test the software and check for any impact on the functionalities due to the new or modified codes to give a delightful user experience.

  • 01

    When new features are added or updated to the software

  • 02

    Evaluating and solving performance issues after the update

  • 03

    Analyzing and fixing program defects by retest

Type of regression testing we do

  • Load Testing
    Progressive Regression Testing
  • Stress Testing
    Corrective Regression Testing
  • Endurance Testing
    Partial Regression Testing
  • Spike Testing
    Selective Regression Testing
  • Volume Testing
    Complete Regression Testing
  • Scalability Testing
    Retest-all Regression Testing

Why choose us

Service Differentiators for Regression Testing

Our QA testing experts are highly diligent and ensure to design test scenarios to properly understand all the changes. As a leading regression testing company we are totally focused on achieving your business goals. We design scripts for automation testing since it speeds up the entire process.

  • Our testers perform end-to-end testing to check how the new changes impact the software.
  • Continuous update of test case repository and QA reporting for business stakeholders.
  • Reduce software testing cost up to 33%.

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Our crisp execution helps customers achieve tangible impact.

11% Increase in conversion rate

11% Increase in conversion rate

Used streamlined QA processes that enabled an FMCG-based Food Ordering Application to achieve shorter 'time to market' cycles

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30% Reduction in performance testing cost

30% Reduction in performance testing cost

Offered multiple test offerings for a global professional service provider. Improve in performance testing cost and 100% compliance of applications against WCAG 2.0 level AA.

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100% Test coverage for Cab Service provider

100% Test coverage for Cab Service provider

Automated the testing suite for one of the largest cab services, to achieve faster execution time and reduced effort.

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Senior Director of Information, Technology at AON

"I want to thank and congratulate the team on a tremendous accomplishment! As a team, you have performed extremely well, for several months on a difficult project, but your perseverance and true dedication...

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Sunil Kathuria
Associate Vice President, DPLI

"Our engagement had its own share of challanges which were managed pretty well by the team without impacting the project timelines & quality. People from CresTech were leading from the front and some were working behind the scenes burning...

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Udit Raina
Senior Manager(Future Leader Program'18), COO Office, MLI

"We appreciate the way in which Crestech's team handled the responsibilities at the workplace. We appreciate the accountability shown by the team in testing the various critical modules of NEO 2.0 which directly impact our end...

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Sathish Balasundaram
Delivery Manager at FSI

"CresTech team is always positive and I can always count on this team due to their continuous commitment. CresTech has been focused and always responsive as required. Thank you for all your support and for bringing your best to work ...

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Anjan T
Vice President - Technology at XSEED Education

"Crestech has been a long-term testing partner for all our products built in the last 2 years. I appreciate how their functional team was patient at the beginning, with our chaotic and frenetic startup development cycles. They soon ...

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