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Release error-free features at a lightning-fast pace

Improved quality, improved user experience with test automation service

Our test automation services plan prioritises testing, refining and releasing new features quickly for businesses to realise their full potential. We review and validate software products to ensure they meet their quality standards. Harnessing the astronomical promise of Devops, we ensure a continuous delivery pipeline for ensuring faster speed to market with lower risk & cost and active participation of stakeholders.

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  • Our Automated software testing relies on a test-driven-development approach to accelerate time to market
  • For test automation service, we adopt a continuous delivery model that ensures high-quality and low-risk releases
  • Through automated functional testing customer feedback is incorporated for better application performance

Issues faced if automated software testing is not done are

  • Lacks quality

    When you have not automated your products, the quality of the app can decrease drastically resulting in the failure of the product.

  • Cost increases

    Cost is very crucial in today’s world. If you are not careful, it can cost you millions of dollars.

  • Longer period to market

    If you don’t get automated functional testing done, it can result in a delay for your product to launch in the market.

When you have not automated your products, the quality of the app can decrease drastically resulting in failure of the product.

Cost is very crucial in today’s world. If you are not careful, it can cost you millions of dollars.

If you don’t get automated testing done, it can result in a delay for your product to launch in the market.

Considerations for automated testing statergy

An effective strategy to avoid failures

  • Set Realistic Expectations
  • Make Sure Everyone’s On-board
  • Know What’s Worth Automating
  • Pick the Right Automation Strategy
  • Review Your Test Code Often

We test applications that run on different platforms

  • Cloud

  • Integration

  • legacy systems

  • ERP

  • IoT

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Achieving quantifiable benefits with test automation service

Automated testing leads you to a successful business.

We establish a strong automated testing methodology with a thorough understanding of the test process for the proper application of the tools. For the best results with automated testing aspects, it is always important to have a coherent management process for tool selection, implementation and use. We have a commitment at all levels to the adoption of automated tools. Also, commitment from the testing and development teams. As an automation testing company, we have a dedicated test environment and highly skilled resources

Automated Testing Life Cycle

Our Automated Testing’s road map to lead your business to success
  • Knowledge transition

    1. Automation feasibility & KT planning
    2. Understand business process
    3. Prepare test application inventory
  • Test automation dev

    1. Setup environment for script development
    2. Pilot the automation framework
    3. perform dry run of the prototype script
  • Test automation req

    1. Knowledge sharing with the team
    2. Analyze & prioritize manual tests
    3. Automation scoping
  • Test delivery

    1. Execution of the test script
    2. Prepare automation release notes
    3. Test script to manual test team
  • Test plan & estimate

    1. Prepare automation test strategy
    2. Prepare automation test plan
    3. Pre-estimate based on verifications
  • Project closure

    1. User training
    2. Sign off from the stakeholder
    3. Update knowledge repository
  • Automation Design

    1. Determine automation framework
    2. Identify reusable business scenarios
    3. Identification of test requirements

Our Automated Testing’s road map to lead your business to success

Through automated testing we analyse the distinct functions, process and design of the software to ensure it pairs suitably with the right automated testing system and right resources.

Once the software’s functions are reviewed, we select the right automation test system that tightly coordinates with the software and deftly verifies its function from the code quality to the end-user experience.

A carefully controlled test environment is set up to enable the performance of the prototypes and report important details like test outcomes and errors.

We create a clear and simple test script that validates the application, minimises the risk of errors and maximises output.

Once the scripts have input test data, the automation tests are executed and results are documented and analysed for further course corrections.

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Agile implementation of automated testing

Ensuring bug-free codes

  • For automated testing, we define the requirements of the process and set expectations from the get-go for a unified vision amongst all the stakeholders
  • We organise sprints in 2 sets to first test individual features with manual functional testing & eventually automate test cases for features already tested
  • We break down components and test them in iterative sprints
  • Automated testing allows to collect early user inputs to identify code smells and implement fixes

Driving impact with DevOps

  • Releasing new features in an incremental fashion
  • Faster feedback cycles, faster integration into the code
  • Reduced human error
  • Drastically reduced possibility of bugs
  • Reduces operational costs
  • Continuous delivery & iterative development


Delivering high quality products

Testing tools improve efficiency and accuracy

For an application to be successful, identifying the right testing tools is vital. The tools used in automated testing can automate quality lifecycle from test design to planning and execution. Its scriptless software supports multiple browsers and platforms.The right testing tools enables the execution of manual as well as automated mobile and web testing and handles all the test automation needs with a variety of languages, regardless of the skill level.

When to get it done

Automated Testing to stay ahead of the competition

Our automated testing service looks beyond short-term benefits and propels your application to a sustainable future that is faster, efficient, error-free and promises supreme user experience.

  • For continuous quality assurance plugged into your CI/CD

  • When you want to free up your people from no value creating tasks

  • To achieve the same test coverage with every build release

Why choose us

Excellent team for excellent results

Tailored solutions to meet your automation goals

For automated testing, our cross-functional team works in quick iterations and elevates the testing process.

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  • Tailored solutions to meet your automation goals of faster, better and cost-effective testing
  • Tool-agnostic approach with automation consultants owning the complete success
  • ROI driven test approach with a focus on early wins

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Our crisp execution helps customers achieve tangible impact.

11% Increase in coversion rate

Used streamlined QA processes that enabled an FMCG-based Food Ordering Application to achieve shorter ‘time to market’ cycles

Case Study

32% Reduction in performance testing cost

Used streamlined QA processes that enabled an FMCG-based Food Ordering Application to achieve shorter ‘time to market’ cycles

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100% Test coverage

Automated the testing suite for one of the largest cab services, to achieve faster execution time and reduced effort.

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Kalpesh Desai
Senior Director of Information, Technology at AON

"I want to thank and congratulate the team on a tremendous accomplishment! As a team, you have performed extremely well, for several months on a difficult project, but your perseverance and true dedication...

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Sunil Kathuria
Associate Vice President, DPLI

"Our engagement had its own share of challanges which were managed pretty well by the team without impacting the project timelines & quality. People from CresTech were leading from the front and some were working behind the scenes burning...

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Udit Raina
Senior Manager(Future Leader Program'18), COO Office, MLI

"We appreciate the way in which Crestech's team handled the responsibilities at the workplace. We appreciate the accountability shown by the team in testing the various critical modules of NEO 2.0 which directly impact our end...

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Sathish Balasundaram
Delivery Manager at FSI

"CresTech team is always positive and I can always count on this team due to their continuous commitment. CresTech has been focused and always responsive as required. Thank you for all your support and for bringing your best to work ...

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Anjan T
Vice President - Technology at XSEED Education

"Crestech has been a long-term testing partner for all our products built in the last 2 years. I appreciate how their functional team was patient at the beginning, with our chaotic and frenetic startup development cycles. They soon ...

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