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Use Persona to improve application testing

Our persona-based testing services helps you step out of preconceived notions about people usage of an application. By injecting the Persona Developments into the QA Testing Process, we step into the customer shoes for most effective test coverage when testing specific features and reviewing the products.

  • We create different personas which help in uncovering universal features and functionality.
  • Our team is able develop a view of future product users and have a holistic understanding of how users might use the application.

Persona Testing Process

  • Personal information


  • Use Cases


  • Problem Areas


  • Technical Experience


  • Name and Personality


  • Geo Location


  • Behavior



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Using Data-Driven Personas for Testing

By identifying user personas that are aligned to your customers, and mapping their journeys, we test your application for a tailored experience. We align with customers' A/B testing and incorporate multiple conditions in a round robin strategy to ensure all use cases are covered.

  • Define the Target User, their pain points and identify the different personas.
  • Creating different test scenarios for example the same feature can be tested for different settings of the product.
  • Group the Test Cases by Domain.
  • Execution of test cases based on specific personas for a seamless experience.
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Leveraging personas to create better experiences

Adopting persona-based testing may be the key to deriving more accurate insights for the exploratory tests. By paying attention to the details that give different end users unique experiences, a more intelligent approach to testing can be curated. Test cases built from personas provide ideas for non-standard uses of the application, and often uncover defects which could not be found otherwise.

  • 01

    Personas provide more test scenarios than use cases.

  • 02

    It ensures testing during the design as well as software testing phases.

  • 03

    It ensures persona testing for a typical user while only representing one type of use.

We test applications that run for different platforms

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Why choose us

Why choose us

Service Differentiators for persona testing

For persona-based testing, we have a team of QA experts who can help in creating the different personas and provide the most effective approach to testing based on how different end users might use the application.

  • Our persona testing help in acquiring more new customers faster.
  • Help in generating more ROI.
  • Develop long-term relationships with customers.