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Center of Excellence(CoE) for a global leader in professional services

About the client

Client is the global leader in Professional Services providing solutions across Health, Retirement, Risk etc.

Client has a thin QA Center of Excellence which supports multiple internal Business Units with testing and validation of their IT solutions. CresTech was pulled in to supplement this COE with multiple test offerings (Functional, Automation, Accessibility, Performance) and/or skillset, for servicing multiple Business Units.

The Challenge

Manual Testing: Client needed to setup a lean team to manually test the functionality of applications before an upcoming roll-out for Windows upgrade.

Automation: Old and bulky code with heavy maintenance and incomplete coverage

Automation: Upcoming rollout to end clients needed swift Automation suite upgrades

Accessibility Testing: Client didn’t have any knowledge and skills to test their application for accessibility standards and were struggling to provide accessibility certificate prior to release to end clients

Client wanted to establish a service offering for performance testing to be able to evaluate and benchmark applications within a centralized framework.

The Solution

CresTech is currently augmenting the Client’s QA COE, servicing multiple Business Units with work packet based engagements, as well as staff augmentation.

Accessibility Service Detail

CresTech setup an Accessibility Testing Practice for the client with dedicated Accessibility Engineers, Auditors and Practice Head to test, benchmark and certify applications against WCAG 2.0 Standard:

  • Setup an Accessibility Workbench with dedicated devices: Windows, Mac, Android and iOs
  • Workbench consisted of Accessibility Test Scanners and assistive tools both open source and commercials. Examples: JAWS INSPECT: Accessibility Scanner and JAWS Compatibility Analyzer, Power Mappers, Axe, TAW, ATF, Adchecker etc
  • Delivered quick assessments with Page wise approach executed in two phases of Baselining and Revalidation
  • VPAT report was shared for applications against level A, AA and AAA levels for WCAG 2.0

Manual Functional Testing Service Detail

We established Core teams to own the complete functional assessment of applications under each business unit. These core teams became essential to knowledge retention and transfer within CresTech for any other service being imparted on the same apps.

  • Tested the applications for Windows 10 upgrade
  • The same teams are now internal QA owners of these applications for further strategizing and planning for any kind of testing to be performed on these applications.

Test Automation Service Detail

CresTech took over the automation of multiple, complex applications using the already existing UFT framework to enhance and upgrade the existing automation suites

  • Automation Framework and Suite Refactoring for better performance
  • Functional Upgrades for all the new releases
  • Quick roll-outs through automation upgrades and execution for customized applications for multiple end clients

Performance Testing Service Detail

Client’s performance testing practice was scattered and wasn’t integrated into the Testing COE. The resulting work was not tracked, measured and reused, making the performance testing costly.

  • CresTech standardized the performance testing service and integrated it will the client’s QA COE
  • Brought in reusability of test scripts with JMeter and Load Runner
  • Test Data creation process has been automated
  • Application Monitoring was performed using AppDynamics
  • Key applications have been baselined, with many more in the pipeline
  • Standardized templates for:
    • Performance Testing Planning
    • Workload Modelling
    • Application Benchmarking
    • Load and Stress Analysis Reporting

Working Model

Services we offered

Augment Client’s internal Quality Assurance Center of Excellence with thin layer of management and multiple service offerings:

  • Manual Functional Testing
  • Automated Functional Testing (Web, Mobile)
  • Accessibility Testing: WCAG 2.0 Level AA
  • Performance Testing (JMeter, Load Runner, AppDynamice)

Tested multiple types of applications:

  • Custom built Web Applications
  • ERP applications
  • Mobile Applications (Android, iOS)



acceleration in test execution across projects

With a centralized practice Performance Testing cost has been reduced by 30%. Accessibility Analysis has resulted in 100% compliance of applications against WCAG 2.0 level AA