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Performance and load testing for a great user experience for the Health Insurance Application

About the client

A leading professional services firm providing comprehensive health, retirement, and risk solutions. They relied on a custom application to guide users towards ideal Medicare, dental, vision, and Medigap policies based on their needs. Unfortunately, the application was plagued by erratic performance, frustrating users, and hindering business growth.

The Challenges

No prior performance testing meant a lack of benchmarks for response times, making optimizations difficult.

Soaring CPU utilization slowed down the entire application, impacting user experience.

The application handled peak user traffic poorly, leading to sluggishness and potential lost conversions.

Increased user base and multiple integration points stressed the application, causing unpredictable behavior.

The application struggled under prolonged high load, raising concerns about long-term reliability.

The Solution

  • Defined performance baselines under the normal, peak, and sustained high load scenarios.
  • Pinpointed performance bottlenecks within the application and its integrations.
  • Evaluated individual components under varying user loads to identify weak points.
  • Assessed the application’s resilience under extreme scenarios for optimal infrastructure planning

Services we offered

  • JMeter to simulate realistic user behavior and measure responses.
  • Pushed the application to its limits to uncover stability issues.
  • Guided the client on infrastructure investments to meet future demands.

Key Outcomes:

  • 32% Increase in Application Throughput

  • Consistent Performance, Eliminating Outages.