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Performance Testing for a legacy health insurance application

About the client

Health Insurance Setup

The web interface of the client’s legacy application was a challenge for end users to navigate with multiple performance issues. With multiple users connecting simultaneously to the application, the performance of the app was very poor.

The Challenge

Performance of the application under heavy load was very poor

Current performance was not benchmarked and established

Performance goals for critical user scenarios were not established

No monitoring tools were in place to monitor the performance of the applications and establish trends of usage

Bottlenecks, causing poor performance, were not known and addressed

The Solution

CresTech took over the complete verification and validation of the EDH portal- both web based and mobile application.

  • All real life scenarios were identified and benchmarked for the stress limit
  • These real life scenarios were benchmarked for response time against varying loads including peak load
  • Light weight performance monitoring tools were put in place for monitoring the production environment
  • Profiling data was analysed and bottlenecks causing poor performance were identified
  • Endurance testing was performed to analyse how the application would behave under prolonged stress conditions

Services we offered

Performance Benchmarking | Load Testing | Endurance Testing | Performance Monitoring

Key Outcomes


increase in customer footfall

Application has achieved 100% uptime of servers at peak loads. Achieved a Zero-Critical & High Defect Release for both web based and mobile application