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Optimizing Health Insurance App for Peak Performance

About the client

A legacy health insurance company with a web-based application plagued by performance issues. Poor navigation, slow response times under heavy load, and a lack of performance benchmarks caused frustration for both users and IT staff.

The Challenges

Under peak user loads, the application offers slow response times and decreased user satisfaction.

Without performance goals or monitoring tools, identifying and addressing the root cause of slowdowns was an uphill battle.

Lack of historical benchmarks made it impossible to track progress and measure the impact of potential improvements.

The Solution

  • Identified and benchmarked key user journeys, simulating real-life behavior under varying load conditions.
  • Implementation of lightweight performance monitoring tools to provide real-time insights into system health and identify bottlenecks.
  • Endurance testing revealed how the application would behave under sustained pressure, exposing potential vulnerabilities.
  • Profiling data was analyzed to pinpoint performance inefficiencies and implement targeted optimizations.

Services we offered

  • Performance Benchmarking
  • Load Testing
  • Endurance Testing
  • Performance Monitoring

Key Outcomes:

  • 100% uptime, 100% growth.

  • Zero-critical and high-defect release

  • 100% Performance monitoring.