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Streamlining UAT: Optimized Processes For Faster Product Launches With Crestech

About the client

Leading non-bank private-sector life insurer in India

The Challenge

Unmanaged test artifacts caused visibility issues, impacting test planning, execution, and reporting.

Ad hoc task allocation led to inefficient QA resource utilization and delayed critical tasks.

Insufficient time for test preparation and design resulted in incomplete and ineffective test coverage.

Unplanned and unmanaged testing processes led to lengthy and inefficient UAT phases.

Ineffective testing caused launch delays, dampening market reach, satisfaction, and finances.

UAT failures, stemming from unclear processes, responsibilities, and priorities, stalled product launches at India's leading non-bank life insurer, causing missed market opportunities and hindering growth.

The Solution

  • Implemented a comprehensive QA framework with clear roles, responsibilities, standardized processes, and quality metrics.
  • Developed a formal mapping matrix using structured data formats for enhanced traceability and automated reporting.
  • Implemented automated testing frameworks to complement manual testing and automate repetitive tasks.
  • Developed reusable test scripts for efficient regression testing of new policies and updates, utilizing data-driven testing techniques and modularization principles.

Services we offered

Setup of Mature QA Processes | Manual Validation | Test Automation

Key Outcomes:

  • 40% Enhanced test coverage

  • Reduced time to market

  • Improved defect detection rate by 30%

  • Enhanced customer satisfaction

  • Reduced operational costs