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Performance Testing of a Video based Learning Application

About the client

Client is a Global Consulting Firm providing BI & Data Analytics services

The Challenge

Performance Testing of New learning Module that contains huge videos library which should has no lag or buffering when in production.

New version of the application should provide seamless user experience during learning process.

The Solution

  • Keeping in mind the business needs an elaborate performance roadmap for testing the system performance was created
  • For Load Generation, VSTS Test tool was setup and also liked to the load generators
  •  Load test scripts were prepared, and enhancements were done related to complex XML calls, made to simulate multiple user behavior
  • Defined detailed Workload model based on the inputs from the operational data and end users.
  • Load test scenarios were developed to simulate the real-life usage on the server
  •  Load tests were performed in incremental fashion to get the response time/Hardware Utilization trends w.r.t user load
  • Behavior of Video streaming in terms of performance was observed under load conditions
  • Monitoring of the server was using AppDynamics, which gave a view on the server resources during the different staged of load test schedule.
  • Analysis of the performance test results and monitoring data.
  • Root cause analysis and recommendations related to optimizing the load time of videos reduced the test cycle

Services we offered

Performance Testing


  1. Issues related to slow video downloads were identified i.e. Network issue between server and Origin and being reported.
  2. Retesting after defect fix proved the improved performance of the application under all the business scenarios
  3. Comparative executions were made to check the application performance against SLAs.
  4. User experience improved after the implementation of video streaming
  5. Testing Tasks were completed before time (actual effort was 14% less than planned) 
  6. Recommendations were provided to the client for future improvement in the performance

Key Outcomes


reduction in testing effort