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Automated Testing for Faster Deployments for School

About the client

A North American School Authority faced the dual challenge of managing application development and testing for their evolving educational systems. With users spread across diverse geographies and demanding fortnightly sprint cycles, their existing manual validation process for four pre-production environments was proving time-consuming and inefficient.

The Challenges

Maintaining four pre-production environments for geographically dispersed users.

Fortnightly sprint cycles meant new features and bug fixes needed rapid deployment, further pressuring the manual validation process.

Manually qualifying each build in each environment hampers overall development speed.

The Solutions

  • Utilization of .NET development environment with Azure DevOps for continuous development and automated build pipelines
  • Utilizing Selenium’s cross-browser compatibility for an automated test suite covering 30 critical business flows
  • Automation dramatically reduced build qualification time to just 0.75 un-manned hours per environment

Services we offered

Test Automation & DevOps

Key Outcomes:

  • 75% Reduction in Deployment Time

  • Manual testing eliminated over 10 person-hours per build

  • Offers scalable and maintainable solution