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Setting up testing processes for a Global Wine and Spirits company

About the client

A global leader in production of Alcoholic Beverages

Customer had a custom built, KYC application to automate the KYC approval process. This application had high density of defects, with a lot of unidentified issues as well and hence, client was looking for a QA partner to own the complete functional validation of the application.

The Challenge

In absence of testing done by experts, defects were found late thus causing inconvenience to customer during planned demonstrations.

Due to Inability to track failed cases mapping to requirements, customer was facing challenges in recording met and unmet requirements

Missing regression suite, lead to unmonitored and unplanned testing resulting in defect leakage and no feasible way to perform root cause analysis.

Project schedule was delayed and co-ordination between dev vendor and customer is taking a hit in the absence of a dedicated and skilled testing team

The Solution

On the basis of the Analysis conducted on the current state of testing, we placed an experienced tester with the required skillset on the client-side. Approach implemented:

  • Suggested and implemented Requirement traceability Matrix (RTM) to track met and unmet requirements and bridge the gaps found.
  • Defined a structured Testing processes and defined test schedules to enable the development team to provide builds for testing in a timely manner to help meet the timeline.
  • Regression testing suite was developed and run for every build received. This helped to identify defects early in the Project life cycle.
  • Streamlined overall QA process along with other processes followed in the project by ensuring the time to market was the least.

Services we offered

Integration Testing | API Testing | Functional Testing

Key Outcomes


improvement in successful builds

UAT recorded zero-defect leakage. Regression suite was added to the Knowledge Repository of customers and is expected to always help them by covering 100% critical and high defects early in the project life cycle.