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MS Dynamics gets faster with data-driven performance

About the client

A global Strategy and Management Consulting powerhouse spanning over 50 countries, they relied on MS Dynamics as their Consultant Management portal. However, sluggish application performance hampered efficiency, wasting valuable consultant time. Frustrated users demanded a faster, more responsive system.

The Challenges

The application took an eternity to authenticate users, delaying access to critical business data.

Critical pages loaded slow, hindering productivity and impacting core workflows.

Frequent hang-ups and lag plagued page navigation, disrupting efficient work.

Performance inconsistencies across 16 geographies.

The Solutions

  • Simulated 250 concurrent users to pinpoint performance bottlenecks and benchmark against ideal response times.
  • Meticulously compared actual response times with optimized scenarios, generating a detailed report for actionable insights.
  • Real-world testing with limited load further validated our findings and ensured practical effectiveness.
  • Implemented targeted fixes based on our data-driven analysis, paving the way for significant performance improvements.

Services we offered

  • Automated Load Generation and Benchmarking (VSTS)
  • Performance Comparison with Client Standards
  • Manual Load Testing with Limited Users
  • Data-Driven Performance Optimization

Key Outcomes:

  • 20% Reduction in Response Time

  • Optimized Performance Across 16 Geographies

  • Empowered 250 Consultants with Faster and More Responsive Application.