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Testing IoT for a Smart LED Manufacturing Company

About the client

Path breaking, Smart-LED lighting company

Client’s end customers, using the smart bulb’s were unsatisfied with the quality of the mobile application and were reporting multiple, inconsistent issues with the app.

The Challenge

Most of the issues reported by end customers were non reproducible due to lack of required information

During testing, the exchange between the mobile app and the firmware on lightbulbs was erratic, often disrupting or even stalling the testing.

Often the bulbs would stop communicating with the mobile applications requiring a hard reset.

While transferring data from one device to another, data was being lost.

Even with an app in production, there complete lack of test artifacts resulting from previous test creation and execution.

The Solution

CresTech took over the complete verification and validation of the Smart light applications and the communication with the bulbs.

  • We created a Test Lab with 80 bulbs, 4 android & 4 iOS devices selected after end-user analysis
  • We did the integration testing of various interconnected systems like the mobile app, the cloud, and the behavior of different categories of bulbs like downlights, strips, etc.
  • Found out the Root cause for various non-reproducible defects by testing under various environment settings
  • Strategized and prioritized to run the P1 test cases in all the primary phones and P2 on secondary phones to cater to customer’s needs for a fast Build Test cycle.

Services we offered

Mobile app functional testing | Integration testing | Smart bulb’s firmware functional testing | Upgrade testing | Usability Testing | Regression Testing | Interruption Testing | Installation Testing

Key Outcomes


free from critical defects

Ensured that there was no data loss of end-customers while restoring data in other devices or saving data to cloud. Reduced the roll-out time by 30% with more strategic testing