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Transforming CAS Testing for a Lending Services Company

About the client

A mid-sized lending firm faced challenges in thoroughly testing their customized CAS and LMS applications due to limited manpower and expertise. Their team lacked the resources and specialized knowledge to fully test the complex workflows. The customizations lacked formal documentation, leaving the testing team reliant on Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) and Knowledge Transfer sessions. Work arrived without warning, demanding on-the-fly test case design and execution. Surprise deployments on the test server disrupted workflows and caused overtime for the team.

The Challenges

Lack of knowledge hampered test design and execution, impacting productivity.

The absence of formal test plans raised concerns about potential gaps in testing.

The Solution

  • Documented the customized functionalities, aiding future testing and onboarding new team members.
  • Collaborated with the client to establish structured release cycles and clear documentation requirements.
  • Secured separate Dev and Test environments to prevent disruptions and safeguard testing efforts.

Services we offered

  • Manual Testing
  • Functional Validation
  • Test Artefact Creation

Key Outcomes:

  • 90% increase in efficiency

  • 27% increase in productivity

  • 100% test coverage