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Quick-Ship Interoperability Testing in Car Puts Infotainment System in Fast Lane

About the client

A forward-thinking company delivering seamless infotainment experiences, this client developed a groundbreaking “cast” system for running Android apps from the cloud on car (and mobile) screens. With comprehensive cloud infrastructure and back-office support, their solution spanned the entire user journey, from onboarding to usage metering.

The Challenges

Tight Turnaround: Approaching a crucial client launch, speed was paramount. Crestech needed to test and certify every aspect of the complex infotainment solution swiftly.

QA Lab Labyrinth: The multi-faceted system demanded a robust testing environment. Crestech had to assemble and configure a versatile lab to handle various components.

Assurance Across the Board: Thorough quality assessment was essential for each individual element and the system as a whole, leaving no room for error.

The Solution

  • Formed a dedicated core team with diverse expertise, capable of tackling each system layer.
  • Nimble lab setup seamlessly connected to two client cloud servers.
  • Focused QA plan prioritized the upcoming launch.
  • Crafted a detailed roadmap, accommodating potential changes and long-term vision.
  • Tackled test automation and performance testing, streamlining the process and boosting coverage.

Services we offered

  • Rigorous hands-on testing for every function and feature.
  • Building robust scripts for repeated and efficient testing.
  • Ensuring the system met end-user expectations.
  • Guaranteeing seamless function across diverse devices and platforms.

Key Outcomes:

  • 100% Test Coverage

  • Intuitive dashboards delivered real-time insights, maximizing visibility and control.

  • Scalable Lab Setup With the capacity for 20 additional components.

  • Swift and thorough testing paved the way for a successful client launch.