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Testing of car infotainment system for interoperability

About the client

The client is a provider of vehicle infotainment as a service and have developed a complete solution to run android apps in the cloud and “cast” them to a car (or mobile) client. This also consisted of a cloud service infrastructure to support complete life cycle service delivery, from client (car) onboarding, configuration, run-time execution, to usage metering. Back office to support all channels in provisioning, monitoring and administering the end users.

Client collaborated with us at the very beginning of this journey and wanted us to test and certify all aspects of their solution. They also needed quick assistance for an upcoming, end client, roll-out.

The Challenge

Quick roll-out to prospective client

Extensive QA lab setup requirement due to multiple components of the Infotainment solution

Complete quality assurance for all the distinct components of the system, as well as the complete solution

The Solution

Crestech established a agile core team with the skillsets to test various components of the system. Crestech also ramped up the team with FLEXI teams to support specific and periodic needs

  1. We setup a test lab with 3 infotainment systems, 6 mobile devices(to be rotated with newer versions), an on-premise server (to be later converted into a cloud), and an android based dongle whilst connecting with 2 of the client’s cloud servers.
  2. We created and executed a short term QA plan, focusing on the client’s upcoming roll-out: the alpha and beta tests were successful with a successful adoption of the solution by the end customers.
  3. We also setup a detailed QA roadmap for the product, keeping the vision of the product as well as the fluctuation of plans in mind.
  4. Test automation and performance testing are currently being undertaken by specific FLEXI teams which have been aligned to this engagement

The solution components to be tested

Services we offered

Manual Testing | Test Automation | User Acceptance Testing | Compatibility Testing


  1. Live dashboards giving critical insights
  2. Quick setup of a test lab with flexibility to incorporate 20 more components (mobile devices, infotainment systems etc.) as and when needed.

Key Outcomes


test coverage of the complex solution