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Managed Product Quality

Poor Software Quality is a threat to your reputation and a recipe for disaster.

Often the difference between the success and failure of your software product can be explained away in a single word quality. No amount of sleek marketing can save your product in case it carries inherent flaws and you risk losing not only your customers but your reputation too.

The reliability of the software and its robustness are critical aspects in gaining customer loyalty and most organizations today simply cannot shy away from building appreciable quality into the software they create.

Poor quality leads to excessive labor and support costs

When you release a software with defects, they end up costing you a whole deal more than what you would have spent on enforcing quality. To start with, as customers start identifying defects, your developers would end up in a continuous cycle of fixing bugs. Moreover, more defects lead to demand for more support staff which invariably adds to your baseline costs besides bringing down your market share in the long run.

Keeping Costs Low while improving overall product quality

If you look at the overall scenario you will soon realize that investing in product quality would invariably give you positive results in near future. However the cost of ensuring quality may be a mitigating factor. In such circumstances you should look at taking up a Managed Product Quality service from an outsourced software services quality of offshore software testing company.

Ensure complete software quality through our Managed Product Quality Service

CresTech’s managed quality services are tailored to offer a set of testing solutions that literally change the way in which a company produces and releases software through its entire lifecycle. From taking into consideration your expectations of product quality to encompassing the best practices, we make it a point to ensure that the quality of your software product is second to none.

Some of the services that our offshore software testing unit provides here include

  • Formulating an agile and effectual testing and release framework
  • Ensuring best practices are diligently followed through extensive training and monitoring
  • Introducing new technologies and automation tools whenever necessary
  • Training your existing Testing team to achieve better productivity
  • Right staffing your team
  • Setting up right tracking and alert mechanisms
  • Improving overall productivity of your testing team and removing process deficiencies
  • Holistic testing of your applications on all relevant parameters and compliance norms. We follow the most stringent quality checks that you can rarely find in an offshore software testing company.

Why it makes great sense to go with us

Given our track record in delivering exceptional quality, we believe our Managed Product Quality service can take the load of your team and free you up from the hassle of enforcing quality.

Few reasons which make us the best offshore software testing company in business includes:

  • Expertise and Experience
  • Comprehensive Testing Approach
  • Domain Knowledge
  • Quality Assurance Processes
  • Testing Tools and Infrastructure
  • Flexibility and Adaptability
  • Communication and Reporting
  • Security and Confidentiality
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Client References

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