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We can start testing your application from today!

All clients do have a foremost and pertinent question- How soon can Crestech start the partnership journey?

We at Crestech have developed an environment to move fast and start the journey as soon as the next day. Our multiple departments work in sync and in parallel to fast-track the alignment of the right people for your testing needs.

We constantly deliver on our promises by offering experts, who are adept in their respective domain and are not learning at the cost of the Client, reacting beforehand to the foreseen or expected roadblocks in the journey ahead.

Legal Formalities

We understand that when our client is ready to take the next step, the legal formalities for initiating the Project has to be completed to the satisfaction of the client and full compliance to the law of the land.

The processes & resources at Crestech have gone through this journey multiple times and we quickly and mostly without any issues/concerns, get these in place immediately by aligning with our client’s legal terms. This journey is initiated beforehand so as to ensure that the Client’s requirements and Crestech obligations are expressed unambiguously and fulfilled at the earliest.

Project Initiation

Project journey initiation at Crestech is from the very first step when the client contacts us. While the client is still discussing the details of the engagement, we, working in the background, are silently planning and identifying the processes & resources and their scheduling, acquiring the project management infrastructure so that the Project is completed expeditiously to the satisfaction of the client. Crestech strongly values creating stakeholder alignment so as to successfully deliver the Project within the deadline.

Core Team on Boarding and Kickoff

While the legal formalities are being taken care, we are already working on onboarding the core team for detailed understanding on the requirements of the client and allocating different milestones to the core team so that by the time Kickoff happens we are already are deeply involved in the Project. The core team will expend resources and time creating stakeholder alignment. Core team typically begins with the identification of the team members and ensuring that the project team has sufficient information to begin developing a detailed roadmap, schedule and a detailed budget for efficient tracking

Scaling Up and Down

The knowledge, skills, and experience needed on the project varies at each stage.

With an effective demand management framework which predicts the skill and volume requirements based of the long and short term testing strategies, we are able to scale up or down dynamically.

We make sure we are fully aware of the Project dynamics all the time hence ensuring resources allocation/ ramp down well in time.

At Crestech, all departments work in collaboration to ensure that our client’s requirements are clearly understood and the understanding disseminated to all concerned resources while simultaneously on-boarding and aligning them. Our speedy response ensures that the client’s internal processes such as vendor on-boarding, project initiation etc. never waits for inputs from Crestech. We make sure that the ball is never in our court for longer than a few hours.

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