Case Studies

It’s ‘Go Live!’ for a fleet provider thanks to thorough risk assessment and vulnerability scan with Crestech’s guidance

Conquered on: 03 . 09 . 2021 Download case study as PDF

About the client

Client is a provider of Pan India Fleet Management Systems & Solutions


Web based Solution intended for Pan India implementation for regulation of Fleet.

Cloud solution capable of hosting multiple fleet and each connected to multiple vehicles

Application going LIVE for selected fleet provider.

The Solution

  1. Solution Deployed in AWS Cloud with APIs extended for partner cloud as well
  2. Multiple Roles and Access in application
  3. Static Testing of code 
  4. Threat modeling and Vulnerability Risk Assessment 
  5. Vulnerability Scan and Penetration Testing using BurpSuite, OWASP ZAP

Services we offered

Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing


  1. Exposed High and Medium Vulnerabilities
  2. Customized Payload taken for Penetration
  3. Coverage to OSASP top 10
  4. Thorough coverage to internal and exposed APIs
  5. Recommendation for future product development

Key Outcome


reduction in UAT deployment time