Case Studies

A breakthrough into Cloud for a food ordering Mobile App based in the middle east, through Crestech’s support

Conquered on: 03 . 09 . 2021 Download case study as PDF

About the client

Based in Middle East, the customer wanted to understand the capacity of the cloud infrastructure required for Mobile App, deep dive into the application for making platform Robust to handle spikes of Promotions

The Solution

  • Solution Deployed in AWS Cloud
  • Three different interface – End User, Restaurant and Delivery
  • Load Generation from cloud
  • Load Testing and tuning using JMeter, AWS Watch

Services we offered

Performance Testing


  1. Baseline Infrastructure capacity for 2.5k concurrent users
  2. For Promotions and Festive season additional capacity known Order rate of 100 per minute 
  3. Tunned application for order dropping Automated process for Test Data generation
  4. Multiphase Testing with Reusable Test Suite