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Performance Testing Optimizes Food Delivery App Performance

About the client

A rising star in the food delivery game, prided itself on instant delivery for customers. With ambitions to serve a whopping 2308 concurrent users at peak times, their app needed to be as smooth as butter, able to handle 98 orders per minute without breaking a sweat.

The Challenges

Struggling to place orders due to location glitches.

Limited test user data meant frequent and time-consuming data creation.

Performing load testing on the live environment.

Finding suitable testing slots during peak hours.

The Solution

  • Meticulously delved into client app, mapping every crucial user journey
  • Custom-crafted test suite for diverse user scenarios and varying load requirements.
  • Efficient data preparation and segregation.
  • Gradual load increase starting from 511 to 1027.
  • Real-time data insights and comprehensive post-test reports.

Services we offered

Performance Testing

Key Outcomes:

  • Through the 2308 concurrent user test with a mere 0.07% error rate.

  • 98 orders per minute flowed smoothly even during peak load.

  • Response times for critical business transactions remained within acceptable SLAs for all three mobile apps.

  • Diligent testing and collaboration helps 99% reduction in the initial error rate.