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Automated testing for faster deployment for the Food Delivery App

About the client

A food delivery app based in the Middle East was experiencing rapid growth and faced critical questions about their infrastructure readiness. They needed to understand how their cloud infrastructure could handle peak demand during promotions and festive seasons, without sacrificing performance or dropping orders.

The Challenges

Without performance testing, the client lacked the data to determine the necessary cloud infrastructure capabilities.

The app catered to three distinct user interfaces - End User, Restaurant, and Delivery - increasing testing complexity.

Promotions and festive seasons often led to dramatic order spikes, raising concerns about potential application bottlenecks.

The Solutions

  • Cloud-Based Approach for load generation, replicating real-world usage patterns within the client’s existing cloud infrastructure.
  • Employing real-time performance monitoring and data visualization.
  • Conduction of staged testing, starting with baseline load, then simulating various promotion scenarios and peak order rates.
  • Automated test data generation ensured realistic scenarios across all user interfaces.
  • Building modular and reusable test suite for future performance assessments and optimization.

Services we offered

  • Performance Testing
  • Cloud Expertise
  • Test Automation

Key Outcomes:

  • Identification of the baseline cloud infrastructure capacity needed to handle 2,500 concurrent users under normal conditions.

  • Provision of insights into the application's performance during promotions and festive seasons to manage order rates of 100 orders per minute.

  • Identified and addressed potential bottlenecks, leading to application tuning for enhanced stability and reduced order drop rates.

  • Automated test data generation and reusable test suite facilitated faster and more cost-effective future performance assessments.