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Manual QA Testing Solutions for the Leading Consulting Industry

About the client

A leading consulting firm faced a critical challenge: ensuring accuracy and efficiency in their web-based application for distributing year-end bonuses. The application’s complexity, involving intricate financial calculations for geographically dispersed employees, demanded a rigorous testing approach.

The Challenges

Disconnected communication between business analysts, developers, and QA teams caused insufficient testing and redundancy in identified issues.

Priority models lacked proper checks, leading to unplanned and inaccurate testing outcomes.

Absence of proper requirements documentation and reports hampered quality control and tracking.

Frequent bugs in production hindered smooth operation and user experience.

The Solution

  • Understanding the existing QA process, identified gaps, and designed customized workflows for requirements and defect management.
  • Manual and database testing covered various scenarios, including currency conversions, unique employee situations, and financial calculations.
  • Critical models received automated testing for future releases, minimizing manual effort and maximizing coverage.
  • We facilitated collaboration between teams, leading to better planning, timely defect identification, and improved traceability.
  • Regular RTM and closure reports provided transparency and real-time insights into project health and progress.

Services we offered

  • Manual Testing
  • Database Testing

Key Outcomes:

  • 55% reduction in defects.

  • Eliminated issue redundancy

  • Real-time visibility.