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How functional validation can help in software testing before release?

  • Introduction
  • What is functional validation or functional testing
  • Difference between functional validation and non-functional testing
  • Crestech introduces Functional Validation Testing solution


Looking at the immense significance of Functional Validation Testing in every type and scale of business projects every company aims to add and enrich its functional testing efficiency.

Testing process on functional scale is far beyond than just looking through the specifications of the application and simple execution of test cases and processes. To test behaviour and functionality of any application, it is required to appoint testing professionals with adequate knowledge of the subject. They can assure you finest of Functional Validation Testing services by effective application testing under all the possible end user scenarios.

What is functional validation or functional testing:

Verifying whether a software stays true to its original intent of creation is the primary objective of functional validation testing. The initial system requirements are converted into features and functionalities of the application and the correctness of these features and functionalities are tested against the original system requirements. Functional Validation helps establish that the software does what it was originally meant to do.

Deciphering an application’s complex structure through a systematic testing supported by deep technical understanding of functional testing professionals is the right approach.

Difference between functional validation and non-functional testing

While functional testing confirms that the application features and functionalities are working fine, non-functional testing ensures that other aspects of the software like performance, security, accessibility are also of highest standards.

Crestech introduces effective Functional Validation Testing solution

We have test squads of learned Test Analysts and Test architects working in close coordination to ensure quality based functional validation of any application. Our testing team has wide-ranging knowledge of technical and programming architecture of advanced application structures. This makes our Software testing team efficient enough to trace hidden errors and fix them effectively.

Our testing experts hold expertise in dealing with software testing needs of top notch industrial sectors including Telecom, Banking, Healthcare, & Media.

Our Automated Testing Services are finely designed to meet quality and budget expectations of our clients. Along with implementation of propriety test methodologies like FLET- (Full Life-cycle Exhaustive testing), we indulge in applying our latest innovative test techniques.

We undertake Agile testing principles to assist our clients in following areas:

  • Functional Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Systems Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • Compatibility Testing

Our solutions are designed to fit your needs and comprise of the processes, tools, templates which can deliver value to our clients.

In summary, functional validation provides several benefits in software testing, including defect identification, ensuring correct functionality, enhancing user experience, mitigating risks, increasing software quality, facilitating maintenance and upgrades, and meeting compliance requirements. By conducting thorough functional testing, organizations can deliver high-quality software that meets user expectations and business objectives.

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