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From Data Overload to Testing Efficiency with Test Automation

About the client

ProTrack Plus, a web-based CRM application built for data-driven insights, needed an efficient solution to manage their extensive regression testing process. With 135 essential test cases across project, contact, and company modules, manual UAT cycles were proving time-consuming and resource-intensive.

The Challenges

Missing pre-condition test cases and unnecessary manual file validation slowed down automation progress.

ProTrack Plus' dynamic data fields and loading pages required robust handling and additional wait times.

Mandatory field enforcement was absent, leading to unnecessary data input that hindered test efficiency.

The Solution

  • Recorded knowledge transfer sessions to understand ProTrack Plus workflows and automate key scenarios.
  • Updated test cases reflected actual application behavior, with suggested corrections for identified deviations.
  • Walked the client through framework functionalities and script progress at key milestones (10%, 20%, 50%, and 100% completion).
  • Implemented Excel-based test data for different tenant types, enhancing test flexibility and scope.
  • Introduced date-wise screenshot capture for failed scenarios and facilitated discussions on failure causes and resolutions.
  • Demonstrated both command-line and editor-based script execution along with detailed results analysis.

Services we offered

Test Automation

Key Outcomes:

  • 135 regression test cases automated.

  • Multi-tenant support.

  • UAT cycle optimization with 100% completion

  • 50% effort reduction in automating regression tasks.