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Automated Regression Suite for a web based data heavy application

About the client

ProTrack Plus is a web-based data centric application designed to serve multiple Tenant types. Application is built to capture data for Sales Tenant across Projects, contacts and company modules, respectively.

Automated Regression Test Suite includes 135 CRM Test cases across the 3 modules – “Projects”, “Contacts” and “Company” respectively, which will be used to accelerate the extensive and time-consuming test execution for  every UAT build.

The Challenge

Test cases were not reviewed from automation coverage perspective. Many tc’s were missing which are needed as Precondition for Regression Suite and few file size validation test cases were part of regression which must be done manually.

Since the Protrack Plus application is data centric , having many data fields and dynamically loaded pages. Hence, an additional waiting time is introduced with each field for smooth input and switch over thus increasing execution time.

There is no where mandatory fields defined in the application thus need to fill data as stated in test cases though its not needed.

The Solution

  • Done recordings during KT sessions of ProTRACK Plus application for workflows to be automated.
  • Updated the test cases with functional behavior of application and highlighted the deviations with suggested corrections.
  • Demonstrated and walkthrough of the Framework and script workflow to the customer after certain milestones e.g.: 10%,20%,50% and 100% scripting of application.
  • Implemented the suggestion  for excel based data driven testing for different tenant types, capturing date wise failed scenario testcase screenshots  implementation raised during demos by the customer.
  • The cause of failures and possible resolutions was discussed with the customer.
  • Demonstrated the command line and editor-based executions along with results stats captured.

Services we offered

Test Automation


  1. Automated Regression Pack was created for all the in-scope modules i.e. 135 regression test cases.
  2. Regression Test Suite can be used to test different Test set data for all 3 modules.
  3. Scripts are designed to be used for Regression test after every UAT build.
  4. Productivity has been enhanced and effort to execute  regression test cases was reduced by more than 50% after this activity.

Key Outcomes


reduction in overall testing effort